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RK Crystal & Shoonya organises cybersecurity seminar at Patna Doons Public School

A seminar was organized on “cyber security” at Patna Doons Public School on 13th Aug, 2018. The resource person at the event was Mr.Ravi Kumar. The seminar was basically an awareness program to teach students about the need of cyber security in personal life of an individual. All the students from class 6th-12th were part of the event. This event was organized by RK Crystal in collaboration with airtel. The event was designed to enrich and aware students about ethical hacking and cyber security. The seminar aimed to infuse professionalism into students and in terms developing a never seen before efficiency.

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Speaking on the occasion, Ravi Kumar, Founder RK Crystal & Shoonya said, “It’s very
important to train today’s young generation in cyber security because technologies flow in their veins. It’s not only a want but a need to their lifestyle. A direction to this generation in the cyber sector can lead to civilian destruction. It is a duty of people like us who are cyber security experts to give a appropriate knowledge and direction to the students to create a better tomorrow. It’s my firm belief that if everyone is a hacker then no one is a hacker.

The event started initially with knowing the students preview on hacking then shifting to explain them what hacking actually is and what the spectrum of issues related to it. Then moving on to what happens every minute on the internet.

Mr.Ravi Kumar in his address emphasised on the need to deliberate on enhancing the efficient information and communications technology infrastructure, cyber-crime, Legal remedies and resources to create and support an effective information technology system.
At the event deliberations were done in its sub-themes “Identity theft while using platforms like Facebook Google etc.” and “Threats of using smartphone without the proper knowledge and training of cyber security”. HE also cover the topics like “Information gathering “and “creation and working of virus etc.”

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The students had a great response to the seminar. Their anxiety towards the topics was
reflected by question like “How can we protect our data while using search engines and social networking sites, without stopping to use them”. A student named Ankita was curious to know about the working of ransom wares and how to safeguard from them in the upcoming future.
The principle’s viewpoint to this was “we should in build these kind of activities in our syllabus. We at Doons Public School will try to take this knowledge given to the students further”.

Miss Apoorva, COO RK Crystal concluded this event by asking students to take pledge of being conscious and secure about using software and posting contents on social media.

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