Hindi Novel “Main Aur Meri Simran”

It is a hindi novel main aur meri simran, which is based on mysterious love story. Over all, It is totally fictitious but somewhere it goes around some real incident. Just for an instance, a Patna bomb blast in Bihar on 27 Oct. 2013 and there is an another “kosi river”, but the common people from Bihar usually call it “shoke river”. It tooks some incidents on the partition of 1947, in between India and Pakistan. According to Aalok kumar, it is just an imaginary thought, except nothing else. The concept of entire story has been based on Bihar, UP, Punjab along with Kashmir.

The story tooks from few incidents captures since 2013 and it goes around since till 2050. where during these years a story takes a little flashback on the partition time of 1947. Actually, Aalok kumar says, while revealing something about his story, I belong to Bihar Sasaram and at the age of 19, I was living in Patna in order to attend the drama school. Once upon a time, I was at the railway station to catch the train for Patna, simultaneously I saw a beautiful girl who was blind actually and standing for the same purpose.

He also says, I tried many attempts to talk to her but didn’t have courage. But fortunately while reaching to Patna, I gotta a chance to talk to her and got to know her name Simran but we had just a casual talk, not related to any friendship. Next day, while returning to his hometown, a bomb blast was taken place in Gandhi maidan. The situation and condition was got so dangerous and messed up. I was fond of perceiving the things that’s why I observed the whole incident. Suddenly, A flash came in his mind about Simran and thought, If I’d love her and we’d be here so what would happen?… Then, A fiction story came in his mind. He also says, after his busy schedule and even after doing his shoots whenever he got the time, he spent to write his novel. He also worked in “The mirror is my life Bindi, Missing page, Mahadev as an actor. He was born in his native village called Sasaram. Where he started his struggle from Patna since 2012 and now he settled in Mumbai. It is a first novel Main aur meri Simran as a novelist.

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