My Shadow*

I woke up in the morning
A voice of Quran, temple’s bell ring
In the dark room, full of air
I felt myself too alone
Is there anyone, my soul asked me
A wonderful day to share with?
Switched on the light, brightened up my room
Someone is there, standing behind me
For a long walk, an endless talk
Moments to share, love to care;
Oh! We cannot talk to each other
But always use to move together
Sometimes left, sometimes to my right
You have been there, always in the bright
On the road of hot summer
You hold my hand, you felt my pain
I didn’t find you when went in cover
A journey started…. I trusted you
Talking all the day, I tried to understand you
I got it…. You love the light
Asked you – to stay with me at night
The dark night, I always like
Talking to God, thinking of frauds
I thought you en ami,
As you were with me in light,
You will come to share my dreams at night.

By: Riecha Sambhari
B. A. Ist (English)
Magadh Mahila College,

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