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Irony of Independence

We got independence 70 years back.
I live in a democratic country.
I live in a country whose constitution safeguards the words; Secular and Equality in it.

I don’t know how much i am independent that , I can’t even move once by my choice
I am and my decisions are based on men of my society.

I am raped and if i open my mouth , I am killed
?What if  ?
I was killed before my birth, thrown in the dustbin.
What if  ?
I am burnt for dowry.
What if ?
I am called mom , when i needed to call my mom in pain .
What if ?
I am sexually harrashed .

Yes , I am a girl child and it’s my fault that I am a girl .

In our dharm granth Manusmriti its written that being a girl you should be under your father, if you are wife then offcourse under your husband and if your are widow no doubt under the bars of your son .
At any cost , in any situation you are being dominated by males .
Science says that girls have less IQ level so they should not try for engenerring or computers jobs .
Google , whenever this word comes into my mind and the word which blinks infront of me is advance and modern . Google well known tech company ,
Fully developed and advanced and keeps stereotypes mind of age of Mahabharata thats why it employees just 30% of women and rest of men.

I ask you where the hell I am safe ?
Literature, science n technology , family , society , schools , colleges ? Where ?

Independence was the term not at all announced  for me.

I ask you ?  can your laws grant me justice?
Can it fill my wounds , will it give back  virginity _ to societie’s thinking , for me ?

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