Kids’ News Service Connects 20 Different Newsrooms Across Bihar To Rest of Country

Muzaffarpur/Bhagalpur: It is the first children’s news service in India and the Children’s Scrappy News Service launched in style on November 14th. This service is on the social video platform YouTube, Delhi- based NGO ‘Going To School’ under the platform of ‘Scrappy Kids’ have set up twenty different newsrooms in the state including newsrooms in the Bhagalpur district and Muzaffarpur district in the Tirhut region of Bihar.

These Scrappy newsrooms, built completely out of scrap cater to the Children’s Scrappy News Service, a makeshift news service and news-talk-game show run by kids for kids, taking on India’s biggest problems and solving them with design-thinking and scrappy skills. Among the twenty newsrooms, a list of innovative and interesting activities were planned for the newsrooms in Bhagalpur and Muzaffarpur districts.

grand-launching-of-indias-first-children-news-service-in-bihar-the-bihar-newsScrappy Heroes focused on interviewing

‘Scrappy Heroes’ focused on interviewing local hero entrepreneurs like beekeepers, woman e-rickshaw drivers, girl boxing champion, traffic policewomen, organic farmers, toilet ring makers, people recycling newspapers and grandparents among others.

Then there were ‘Scrappy Debates’ where Scrappy Kid anchors invited local guests into the newsroom to discuss the pertinent issues and find collective solutions to the problems.
‘Scrappy Pakao’ – a cook off between street food carts, was a show assisted as well as judged by the Scrappy kids.TBN-grand-launching-of-indias-first-children-news-service-in-bihar-the-bihar-news

Then the kids had – ‘Scrappy Races’ where kids raced with racing cars made out of junk.

Lisa Heydlauff, Founder, Going to School says, “Scrappy means to create something out of nothing to change the way things are. And the good news is that Scrappy News is all good news. It’s about what you can do to make the world a better place. It’s a revolution that says we have no time left, let children lead.”

Padmini Vaidyanathan, Director, ‘Going To School’, “Children’s Scrappy News Service was created to showcase how kids think and how they can help in making the world a better place. It’s a children’s call to action.”the-bihar-news-grand-launching-of-indias-first-children-news-service-in-bihar

The Children’s Scrappy News Service launched simultaneously in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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