merger of G3D studio and ozone Infomedia

Video production house G3D Studio merges with Ozone Infomedia

The year 2017 and 2018 witnessed some big-ticket mergers in the Indian market. Acquisitions and mergers are considered to be the strategic moves by the companies for expanding their business and reach. To stay competitive in the market, companies need to invest a lot of money into their business or merge themselves with other companies.

The Merger of G3D Studio and Ozone Infomedia

Recently Software and Website Development agency, Ozone Infomedia which is based in Patna has entered into an agreement with G3D Studio, a Video Production House to acquire 100% stake in its business. With this acquisition, Ozone Infomedia would have the ability to cross-sell its services to a new set of clients of G3D Studio and vice versa.  G3D Studio will continue to operate its business and will keep selling its services in the market under the name of Ozone Infomedia.

G3D Studio considers it a Great Opportunity

After the merger, The VXF Supervisor of G3D Studio Abhay Kumar who is now Chief Business Development Officer of Ozone Infomedia said “ We are glad and super excited with this merger. We are now Bihar’s biggest design agency to provide various services of digital video creation.” The Animation Supervisor Sachin K. Arya who is now the Chief Technology Officer at Ozone Infomedia added “It’s a great opportunity for both the agencies to come together and lead the market. This merger has brought the best of our men and machines together.”

Ozone Infomedia feels honored with the collaboration

Krish Sudhanshu, Chief Executive Officer of Ozone Infomedia said “ We are honored to have the best people in the industry on board. As we know that today video content is the most effective to convey the message. After this merger we have best creatives who come out with ideas which can be implemented in best price compared to industry standards. We know ideas are only good if they can be implemented properly. Therefore, this merger will not only have professional project management practices but will also ensure quality output in less time”

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